We Are Making A Difference & They Know It

We Are Making A Difference & They Know It

AFGR admits our efforts are working. That’s a first. Ultimately they are hanging their bet on criminals following the gun laws. How will they get them to do this?

THIS SHOULD GIVE YOU HOPE AND MOTIVATE YOU LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Sidenote: “They are running the initiative?” Hmmmm. Do you legislators realize this organization is using them as puppets?

“It is up to us to make sure our elected officials understand that is is their duty to pass this bill. We are NOT going to run another initiative to ask voters to do what our lawmakers were elected to do.”

“Our opposition is tireless in their work against this bill and they are more organized than ever before.”

The opposition, never letting a good tragedy go to waste, sent this out today…..and are still trying to convice legislators and the public that criminals intent on doing harm will stop and get smaller magazines before carrying out their nefarious act.

Read the end again. – the part near the end where they say their opposition is tireless and more organized that EVER before. Shows our emailing campaign and phone calls are working and they know it.

Thank you Josh Thayer #WSFC #WA2A #ProRights #GoTeamLiberty

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  1. Billy Masterson

    This is cool. Great job!


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