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We support all rights, while our focus is 2A, the 1st Amendment is alive and well on our Facebook page. We do not filter or censor our supporters. We encourage and defend the right to free speech. What the supporters say does not necessarily reflect the feelings or position of WSFC. Not for the easily offended!

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wa2a.org is now up and running. For the first 500 donations of $50 or recurring membership signups you will get an official membership card and a FREE RALLY T. Once you have made your donation, email us at info@wa2a.org what your shirt size you want. Shipping is free....

Every Washingtonian Should Watch This

Very important information for your every day life. EVERY Washingtonian should watch this! This is a fantastic summation of the state of our state. It was never my dream, goal, or mission to get involved with politics. I’m here because I can’t take what they are...

We Are Making A Difference & They Know It

We Are Making A Difference & They Know It AFGR admits our efforts are working. That's a first. Ultimately they are hanging their bet on criminals following the gun laws. How will they get them to do this? THIS SHOULD GIVE YOU HOPE AND MOTIVATE YOU LIKE NEVER...


SB 6288- Creating the Washington office of firearm violence prevention Feb 28 Scheduled for executive session in the House Committee on Civil Rights & Judiciary at 8:00 AM (Subject to change).  This bill passed the Senate and is now in the House In 2018 the...

Press Release Feb 22, 2020

Happening now ... please SHARE! We are also doing a town hall media tour and will share more on that shortly. For Immediate Release .... (going to all news outlets) Slowly and diligently, a small grass-roots non-profit organization has become the largest 2A voice in...

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