Press Release Feb 22, 2020

Press Release February 22, 2020

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Slowly and diligently, a small grass-roots non-profit organization has become the largest 2A voice in Washington State. Is it just in time? Or too little, too late?

If you have been following along with the anti-firearms legislation in Olympia these past few years, you will notice things have escalated especially quickly in the legislature the past two sessions in particular. Recently HB 2240 banning “high capacity magazines” was blocked in the House. According to House Republican Leader JT Wilcox, “It always takes both sides to kill a bill. We made it plain it was going to be a difficult debate, and (House Democrats) decided that they didn’t want to run it,” he said. While J.T. Wilcox didn’t take credit for blocking it, there are many legislators to thank and give credit for the demise of this bill. Certainly too many to list here. We do have to thank House Representatives Jim Walsh (R) and Jesse Young (R) who were the primary catalysts in the overwhelming number of amendments that made the bill entirely too cumbersome to debate. Indicative of the fact that there are not only too many problems with the bill, it has no credible statistical data to support its merit. With the expiration of the deadline for any more anti-firearm legislation to be introduced, a magazine buy-back was pulled from the dead bills archive and restructured so that it fits into the Finance and Appropriations committees, giving it an extended deadline for the legislative process. The catalyst was to resurrect a tax proposal on the sale of bullion and collectible coins that was defeated last year by the coin collectors and dealers. Now both segments have joined forces in solidarity to fight this fast-track legislation in order to defeat HB 2947 which is scheduled for a hearing Tuesday, February 25th at 8am.

In tandem, there has been an incredible response from constituents on the anti-firearms bills due to the 2A community becoming united and vocal for the first time in a very long time, and largely credited to the participation and organization of the Washington State Firearms Coalition (WSFC) along with the many groups online who are sharing the status on bills and encouraging interaction from voters to reach out to their legislators in opposition of them. Legislators continually express that they are receiving an overwhelming response of emails and phone calls that are making a difference in their stance on voting against the bills.

While this may be the first time you are hearing about the Washington State Firearms Coalition, we have garnered some impressive support. The mission statement of the organization says, “Statistics do not support gun ownership restriction, yet legislators continue to target firearms owners to further their political agendas and elections from an uneducated, but organized and extremely vocal, minority. WSFC is organizing to change that. By the people, for the people, old fashioned grassroots change.” Solely due to everyone in the community who is participating, the surge in interest to preserve 2A rights is resounding in WSFC seeing our Facebook daily post reach of 700k – 1.4m. And it’s not just Republicans. WSFC does not support any party in particular and touts our position as being pro individual rights across the board. The right of the people to protect themselves happens to be our primary focus. Our unique position that these inalienable rights are not a partisan issue has brought together all sides of the voting pyramid.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 WSFC President, a Spokane FFL (firearms dealer), Moms Demand Action, and Students Demand Action representatives sat down at a round table hosted by KREM 2 news in Spokane in a pioneering discussion on gun bills in Washington and for the first time in the history of this debate that we are aware of, the opposing sides had a respectful, meaningful, and extremely fruitful discourse. Not only did KREM 2 broadcast portions of the debate, they were so thrilled with the result that they published the 45 minute conversation unedited in it’s entirety on their YouTube channel. (Links to the broadcast are below.)

Did the overreach finally awake the sleeping giant? If you are as disgusted with these continued attacks on our rights and freedoms, join us. We are just getting warmed up.

KREM 2 Roundtable Discussion: Gun Bill in Washington, Part 1
KREM 2 Roundtable Discussion: Gun Bill in Washington, Part 2
KREM 2 Roundtable Discussion: Gun Bill in Washington, Unedited Full Version
Washington State Firearms Coalition
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Bonney Lake, WA 98391
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